Support the Band by becoming a B&D Teetotaller!

By Sue Speakman, Jan 11 2015 10:25AM

Blackburn and Darwen Band are celebrating an incredible 175 years of music making this year. The

Band was created by people from the town of Darwen who had turned their back on the evils of drink and were looking to find an alterative pastime. The Temperance movement was gaining in strength at the time and because these like-minded gentlemen had decided to abstain from any form of alcohol it seemed a natural step to call the band Darwen Temperance Band. The band came from all walks of life within the borough from the Mayor to workers in the mills producing wallpaper amongst other things.

Despite money being tight the players had to give up a percentage of their well earned wage to purchase their own instruments. These days it is difficult to imagine a sacrifice each player had to make but in 2015 we need to show the same dedication and committment of our musical forefathers.

This year we are hoping to raise enough money to purchase one of the biggest instruments in the band, a Bb Bass, help us by becoming a B&D Teetotaller (abstinence not essential!) and donating £10 via our website.

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